Life Sciences Gallery

Through dioramas and displays you will learn how nature maintains its dynamic balance and how the human "footprint" is influencing and changing that balance. This gallery is a celebration of Saskatchewan's rich landscapes and biological diversity.


  • Zoom

    Opens May 17, 2018 | We are zooming in on nature with cutting-edge equipment.

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  • A Tour of the Province

    Explore the diversity and beauty of Saskatchewan landscapes, from the northern taiga to the southern prairies, through our award winning dioramas and displays.

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  • Global View

    Discover how Saskatchewan is linked to other parts of the world, from the Arctic to the tropics. Through interactive displays examine the connections associated with the climate and migration.

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  • The Human Factor

    Over the last 200 years, humanity has become a major, global force. Our actions are upsetting the dynamic balance of many social and ecological systems.  There are consequences to these actions and there are solutions.

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  • Can We Live Sustainably?

    This document is a guide to The Human Factor exhibit, a series of permanent displays that make up the final section of the Life Sciences Gallery.

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