Megamunch Club

We love the question WHY! Join the kids club that is filled with FUN and FACTS! Each program contains theme-based artifact and gallery exploration, games, crafts and activities, designed for inquisitive 5 to 8 year olds. Call 306-787-7271 to register.

REGINA | Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Regular: $17 per session OR $85 a season
Members: $14 per session OR $70 a season

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm


Tuesday, January 24 | Prehistoric Prairies
Believe it or not, our prairie provinces used to be covered in water! We take you back to a time when Saskatchewan was a sea, inhabited by some interesting creatures!

Tuesday, February 7 | The Big Freeze
Although our Saskatchewan winters are cold, they do not even compare to the freezing temperatures of the Ice Age that occurred 10 thousand years ago! Join us in learning about why the Ice Age happened, as well as which cool animals lived during this time!

Tuesday, February 21 | Dinosaur Diets
Discover what different species of dinosaurs ate, as well as why having a balance of herbivores and carnivores was necessary for dinosaurs to survive!

Tuesday, March 7 | Reptile or Amphibian
Lizards, frogs, turtles, snakes: which are reptiles and which are amphibians? Join us to find out!

Tuesday, March 21 | Journey Across the Continent
Just like people tend to go on warm vacations in the winter time, animals have their own way of escaping the cold! Join us in learning about animal migration!

Tuesday, April 4 | Ecological Exploration
Discover the effects that humans have on the Earth, and learn what we can do to help our planet thrive!