Young Explorers Club

Young Explorers Club is a program designed to give 9 to 12 year olds a fun, social, and educational way to spend Friday night. Each program includes pizza and pop for supper, a full-length film in our theatre, and an interactive learning program that includes gallery exploration, experiments, games, and crafts. Registration is required so call 306-787-7271!

REGINA | Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Regular: $24 per session OR $120 a season
Members: $20 per session OR $100 a season

5:30 pm to 9:00 pm


Friday, January 27 | Animals with Antlers
Join us in learning about the members of the deer family that live in Saskatchewan, and why these animals have antlers! Movie: The Sandlot (PG, 101 mins)

Friday, February 10 | Birds: The Modern Dinosaurs?
Did you know? Scientists believe that today’s birds are actually descendants of dinosaurs! Come find out more about how scientists have come to this conclusion. Movie: Jumanji (PG, 104 mins)

Friday, February 24 | Pollination Investigation
Pollinators play a key role in the health of our environment and the food that we eat! Learn about the importance of protecting our planet’s pollinators. Movie: Zootopia (G, 108mins)

Friday, March 10 | We are Family
Some animal species are extremely loyal to the members of the packs that they live with; learn about the ways in which these animals are basically a part of a big family! Movie: Earth to Echo (PG 90 mins)

Friday, March 24 | Proficient Primates
Our monkey friends are believed by many scientists to be the smartest animals on the planet, aside from humans! Explore the ways in which primates prove their intelligence. Movie: Marmaduke (G, 88mins)

Friday, April 7 | Museum Madness
The Royal Saskatchewan Museum is a pretty cool place! Come learn about the history of the museum, and discover all of the secrets that this building holds! Movie: Night at the Museum 2: Battle at the Smithsonian (PG, 105 mins)